Buconerocraft: Server Factions

Buconerocraft - Italian Minecraft Server - Factions - What is a factions?

Buconerocraft is a server that specializes in faction mode, which is one of the most fantastic modes on Minecraft. The faction mode consists of create a faction, invite your friends and build an empire, to conquer the territories, you must use the command "/ f claim one" to declare to your competitors that this land was conquered by your faction and not allow enemies or generally common people to build, destroy, modify and break your conquered territory, but remember to deposit a sum of money so that you can conquer the territory you are trampling, to deposit you must do this command without the brackets (/ f money deposit), because each conquest that you do, always has a price to pay, which is always fixed 100 game money, easy to get by splitting wood or stone by entering a job "/ jobs join". After this you can set the house of your faction on buconerocraft, simply typing "/ f sethome" at the point where you want that using the command "/ f home" will transport you, however, in your territory conquered. The stronger you are, the more your faction rank becomes more powerful, the growth of a faction is based on the members within the faction, but you have to be very careful not to lose power, because it will reduce the strength of the faction and your enemies will be able to conquer your territory easily.

Buconerocraft - How to start in a factions?

The first thing on our server to do is to register by doing / register passwd passwd, done this to know more information you can go to / warp info, instead to start immediately you can go on / warp plain, the second step is to go more far away so that your enemies can not easily find you, then you go into a job doing / jobs join to earn enough money, you can go straight to the point, / f create nomedelfazioni, and start your adventure !!

Buconerocraft - Why choose us?

We are more focused in a single mode, which makes us a leader in this field, we like to improve, invent and achieve something really incredible, we help a lot of users in trouble at any time and situation, 100% reliability.

Buconerocraft Factions:

The Factions of Buconerocraft has been revolutionized, buconerocraft has maintained the old style of factions of 2008, awakening the emotions when playing the old mode that was really fun, not only, buconerocraft has maintained the old mode but it has also launched new things. the spawn on buconerocraft have been put of the crates with which you can open them with the keys. The keys are of two types, the first, the default one, that with the command / buconerocrate you can get a key, while the VIP key you have to buy a VIP. buconerocraft factions has always been very played during this period, has always been very successful, why did not you get straight away now?


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